Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guess what I found.

We used to spend year 11 homeroom like this.
and LOOK! we already finished our high school years.
Time flies. really.

Monday, April 13, 2009



It's been a long long long time since I've last posted on here haha. CLARIAN!! WHERE ARE YOU!?!??!

Anyways, I'm having holidays now, FINALLY. 2 whole weeks of pure brain-rotting. and I can finally catch up on my sleep! Maybe I'll grow a little more.. haha yeah right.

I've been doing loads of stuff - all the things I didn't get to do on schooldays like reading, sleeping, and ....


They're made from polymer clay! And they can be made into keychains and bracelets and earrings and necklaces and handphone chains. :)))

They were loads of fun to make, but kinda frustrating sometimes cuz they're like tiny and some of them are pretty detailed. Oh and i think i've got clay stuck permanently in my nail beds haha.

I think I should sell them. :)

I'll send one to you Clarian!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Watch this, it's amazing.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Due to my lovely darling caryn's request, I'm posting some photos of me with my uniform :D

It's.... orange =S
But I think it's not THAT bad! :D


Monday, January 19, 2009


I would want to introduce our new story teller for me and caryn's dead petrock!

Here it goes~!

Dino : one day there lives a mushroom.

Chocky : woohoo~ mushroom!

Dino: cute right.

haha you know mushrooms are actually weeds. although it is edible and such.

they can grow anywhere.

well this mushroom always wears a cap to cover it's face.

so that everyone can only see her smile.

Chocky : oh. its she?

Dino: yess. miss mushroom. I shall name her.

mushie baby. =D

so one day mushie baby met a spider by the name of

fuzzy wuzzy.

this spider is a good friend to mushie baby because,

it eats up all the insects that goes near it.

but this spider is a traveller. so it is not everytime that it can be there.

.......unlike mushie baby who can only stay rooted in one spot under a large canopy of huge trees where it seeps its nutrients from.

so fuzzy wuzzy and mushie baby became friends.

but one day, fuzzy wuzzy has to leave because his family is in the opposite forest.

so mushie baby was left all alone.

Chocky : aww.... ='(

Dino : mushie had friends though.

there's fernie earnie and miss lilypops.

so she chats with them as well so life wasnt as lonely.

but it is funny because no matter what mushie baby does,

nothing is the same without fuzzy wuzzy.

but mushie baby has no means to contact fuzzy wuzzy because

she's a mushroom stuck there.

so... one day, mushie baby tried very hard.

to input all of her thoughts into her spores and made a wish on the brightest star in the night sky.

"star light, star bright, i wish i may i wish i might, be next to fuzzy wuzzy in my next life."

so her spores were her descendents and mushie baby withered.

the night mushie baby died,

there was a strangely strong gust of wind that managed to blow a single ONE of her spores to the next forest.

fuzzy wuzzy took care of the spore once it saw that it was the kind of mushroom

with a huge cap that only left the mushroom with a smile.

cause it reminded him dearly of mushie baby.


his bestest friend in the whole wide world.

when the spore grew up,

fuzzy wuzzy named it mushie baby.

mushie baby shared such similar traits with the mushie baby he knew that he was shocked yet pleasantly surprised.

one night, the same night where there was only one bright star that was seen in the sky.

mushie baby had a dream.

in that dream, fuzzy wuzzy was there and there was a mushroom just like her.

fuzzy wuzzy woke mushie baby up and asked, "why are you crying in your sleep ? is something the matter?"

mushie baby replied,

"you are the special one who managed to see past my never changing smile and underneath my cap to see my tears."


Sunday, January 18, 2009


Guess who chopped off her hair?!?!?! Welllllll, it's not me this time. It's...............................................



Clarian, I think short hair suits you!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Carian Claryn Tay Han
no matter what, we will be the owners of 『mypetrockdiedblog』
and ever (:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

School's cool, fool!

Haha we're all like complaining about our schools but we should actually be very thankful that we don't live in war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq etc or poor over-populated countries like China where many schools don't come equipped with canteens and school bells and gyms and auditoriums and everything else we take for granted.
How would you like learning your ABCs while listening to the sound of gunshots outside your classroom !?? How can anyone do calculus when they know a bomb might drop on them at any moment at all and the whole place will go up in flames and some people will have "I died doing calculus" engraved on their headstones??!

Why would they even need calculus in the first place... I think first-aid or cattle-rearing will be more beneficial to them.

I think those are gunshot holes on the wall... Someone might have died in that classroom...

This is actually pretty cool... A classroom cave! They look Chinese so I guess that's in China...
Yesss so, appreciate what you have right now and make full use of it! And be thankful that we have cars and trains and buses to take us places, not donkeys. ;)


Friday, January 2, 2009

im gonnaaa dieeeee


guess what. i went to this korean high school, and took the interview with the principle.
and i got accepted as year 12. yayyyy. i thought i would need to enter as year 11. how fortunate ;D

but.. omg.. about what im saying from now, there is NO LIES.

1. I don't go to school ONE DAY per month. no matter what days i have. that means i go to school in christmas too. LOLLLL. of course I go to school including saturdays and sundays.

2. school starts at 7am and ends at 10pm from monday to friday.
saturday and sunday ends at 6pm.

3. they rank. tests in each subjects each month!

4. subjects im taking classified as largely 4 subjects.

1st one (language) : mordern novel, modern poem, antient novel, antient poem, essays.

2nd one (maths) : math extension 1. math extension 2. calculus&integration.

3rd one (english) + japanese

4th one (science) : bio. chem. physics.

How to Cope with the Loss of a Pet Rock

(Found on some really awesome website with helped me overcome my grief)

Losing a loyal friend is always upsetting. Losing a Pet Rock is even worse, because you have spent so much time with them. They have been your constant companion and trusted friend. You could talk to them, and know that they would never tell anyone what you told them in secret. When they die, make sure they are buried someplace with lots of other rocks, so they will not be lonely.
  1. Bury your rock. If your rock has died, find a nice spot in your garden to bury him. If you have an area which contains a lot of other rocks, bury them there. Mark that spot in some way or another - burying an old spoon with the bit you eat off sticking out of the ground is an ideal gravestone.
  2. Remember your rock. If you have lost your rock, plant a flower in remembrance of them.
  3. Listen to really depressing music. Don't try to cheer yourself up for at least three days. You will drop back down to reality with a thud. Be really miserable. It is respectful to your rock. Slowly cheer up. That way,you won't get sudden pangs of mourning.
  4. Begin again. After at least a fortnight you can get a new rock!!!!!
  • Classical music can make you really miserable.
  • Other things that can make you really miserable include homework, thinking about lost items, best friends who have moved away and how you never gave your rock a good life, and so on.